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Insurance for Mobility Scooters, Everything you Need to Know

17 May 2022

Mobility scooters help to provide you with the independence and freedom to help out with day-to-day duties such as maintaining a well-balanced social life and carrying out daily tasks.  Insurance ...

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5 Reasons to Renew your Mobility Scooter Insurance with Blue Badge

25 Apr 2022

Who is Blue Badge Mobility? Blue Badge Mobility are an insurance company that specialised in providing insurance policies for Manual Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters or Powered Wheelchairs. Blue Badge ...

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The Importance of Accessible Travel

30 Mar 2022

Improving accessibility for people with disabilities increases a person's quality of life, independence, and having an improved social life. Accessibility for the disabled can be extremely cost-effect...

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Where To Start When Choosing a Mobility Scooter

10 Mar 2022

Choosing a scooter can be a daunting and stressful process, with a number of different classes of mobility scooters existing such as large road legal scooters, smaller scooters, and many more. The mob...

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Electric Wheelchair Vs Mobility Scooter

25 Nov 2021

Mobility tools have a huge scope and are all designed to support individuals and allow them to move freely and easily. Ranging from a simple cane to an electric wheelchair, there is a variety of wheel...

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Supporting A Child In A Wheelchair

04 Nov 2021

Wheelchairs are incredibly powerful tools that are used by individuals across the country. They are so empowering, allowing the user to move independently and live their life at their own pace. Unfort...

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