Over 65 Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions Cover – 24/7 Helpline

Although being over 65 doesn’t stop you from enjoying yourself and seeing the world, it might make it difficult to get insurance coverage for any pre-existing medical conditions. Luckily with Blue Badge and Free Spirit, you’ll find the right over 65 travel insurance policy for you which covers pre-existing medical conditions.

If the unexpected should happen, and you have a medical emergency while abroad, the last thing you want to be worrying about is if you’re covered by your policy. Our over 65 travel insurance can give you that peace of mind, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing you are covered. 

For even more peace of mind, the over 65 travel insurance policy comes with a 24/7 emergency helpline. So if the worst were to happen, you can speak to a member of the team any time of the day.

Click the link below to get your tailored over 65 travel insurance quote and we’ll have you covered in no time so you can book that well-deserved trip away!

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Over 65s Travel Insurance Cover

Blue Badge Partner with Free Spirit Holiday Insurance

For our travel scheme, we have teamed up with Free Spirit to provide a specialist travel insurance policy that offers travel insurance covering all ages and a range of medical conditions.

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Recieve a quote and purchase your travel insurance online today or call Free Spirit on 02392 419 052 quoting BLU2100

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Travel Insurance Options

Choose between levels and trip duration.

Single Trip Cover Travel Insurance for over 65s:

Covers one single holiday or pleasure trip up to 94 days in duration (reduced to 45 days if you are aged 76 years or over)

Annual Cover Travel Insurance:

Cover including multiple trips during a 12 month period up to a maximum of 31 days (Super cover) or 45 days (Super Duper cover) for any one trip.

Two levels of travel insurance cover available – Choose between £5million (Super cover) or £10million (Super Duper high level of cover) for Emergency Medical treatment expenses, how long you are away for and a choice of premiums.