What Are The Different Types of Wheelchairs?

26 Aug 2022

If you have recently been informed by a doctor that you require a wheelchair, or are looking to buy a wheelchair for additional support, you will want to find a wheelchair that’s best suited to your needs and that will help you get about with ease. There are many different types of wheelchairs on the market available designed to cater to different needs and preferences.

Every wheelchair comes with unique specifications that have been designed to meet a particular purpose. Some wheelchairs are great for everyday use and some are intended to provide support to those with specific needs. With different mechanisms, technology and control, there are many types of wheelchairs available to choose from. We are going to explain the different types of wheelchairs in order for you to find the right one that matches your requirements.

The Different Types of Wheelchairs

Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair that is a ‘one-size-fits-all’, each wheelchair has been created for a different purpose and works differently depending on the individual. Every wheelchair comes with its own level of comfort and quality to support overall health needs. So if you are wondering which type of wheelchair will best suit your needs, we have listed below the different types of wheelchairs and their selling points.

Powered Wheelchair

Powered wheelchairs are battery or electric, that are typically operated by controls. These are one of the more expensive options on the market as they operate for a long duration of time and provide a great level of independence. Electric wheelchairs are the best wheelchairs for the elderly, or for those struggling with a lack of mobility, fatigue and energy.

Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are one of the most popular options on the market as they provide individuals with the independence to operate their own vehicles. Users have the ability to change the angle, position and handle at any given time. Manual wheelchairs are ideal for users that are looking to regain their independence whilst having assisted support. The only disadvantage with manual wheelchairs is that users can become tired quickly with the amount of effort that’s required.

Paediatric Wheelchair

Paediatric wheelchairs are designed for supporting and assisting children. Paediatric wheelchairs can be anything from powered, manual, and sporting wheelchairs, and are dependent on the medical requirements of a child. Paediatric wheelchairs often come in a wide range of styles, sizes, adjustments and colours so children can travel with confidence whilst accommodating their medical needs.

Find out how to support a child in a wheelchair here.

Sports Wheelchairs

Sports wheelchairs are designed to assist users in carrying out a number of sporting activities and are most suitable for tennis, basketball, rugby or even racing. Sporting wheelchairs are manual wheelchairs and come in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes. They not only provide mobility to users but also provide the necessary protection to avoid potential injuries.

Standing Wheelchair

Standing wheelchairs (also known as standing power wheelchairs or wheeled stander) are one of the most technical wheelchairs to date. These wheelchairs provide the user with an extensive range of impressive adjustments and features to allow individuals to move safely from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa.

Electric standing wheelchairs not only come with a number of controls but also provide a user with disabilities numerous health benefits. This provides the user with the ultimate independence allowing them to carry out daily tasks without additional support. 

Mobility Scooters

There are lots of types of mobility scooters to choose from including heavy-duty foldable mobility scooters. If you think a mobility scooter is a good option for you over a wheelchair, we have an informative blog on electric wheelchairs vs mobility scooters you can read.

Wheelchair Insurance 

We hope this different types of wheelchairs post has helped you out if you are currently looking into what type of wheelchair best suits your needs. Once you have found the perfect wheelchair, you can begin to think about all the additional extras you’ll require. At Blue Badge Mobility, we offer wheelchair insurance to keep you on the move and enable your freedom. Wheelchair insurance is essential when it comes to maintaining a quality of life and providing individuals with independence.

Blue Badge Mobility Insurance

We offer a wide range of wheelchair policies that can be adjusted to your needs and requirements. Whether you are seeking insurance for your standing power wheelchair, manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or paediatric wheelchair – we’re here to help.

To find out more information about our wheelchair insurance policies at Blue Badge Mobility, feel free to get in touch and a friendly member of our team will be happy to help with your query.

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