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Where to Find Work and Support as a Self Employed Carer

20 Jun 2020

Working as a Self Employed Carer is an incredibly rewarding experience that allows you to build a connection and make a difference to someone's life. If you have great communication skills and a genui...

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Preparing To Use Your Scooter After Lockdown

08 Jun 2020

Preparing Your Mobility Scooter During these difficult times you may have been using your scooter for essential trips. But for many scooter users this has not been an option, and their scooter may ha...

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5 Ways To Maintain Your Mobility Scooter Throughout Winter

06 Jan 2020

Owning a Mobility Scooter is a great way to get around. They are extremely useful, however, just like a car, a mobility scooter needs a little more upkeep and vigilance when the weather gets colder to...

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Why Wheelchair Access Is So Important

31 Oct 2019

Wheelchair access in schools, workplaces and venues is commonplace. Those who use a wheelchair in any capacity have the right to use services and shouldn't be limited because of their chair. This also...

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What Does Carers Insurance Cover & Do?

25 Sep 2019

Being a Carer or Personal Assistant is an extremely rewarding job. It gives you skills and wisdom that you couldn’t get from any other career. You are dedicating your life to helping others and ensu...

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8 Common Questions About Mobility Scooters

06 Aug 2019

Owning a mobility scooter is a fantastic opportunity to improve your life. These are handy tools which can give you the confidence to travel and socialise. More people than ever are benefitting from m...

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