Five Mobility Scooter Checks Before Use

26 Jul 2022

As the weather begins to improve you may be looking to get out more. But before you begin to use your mobility scooter, you will want to make a few mobility checks before use, especially if it has been kept away in storage for a while.

Mobility Scooters offer independence, freedom and provide many social opportunities to the disabled and older user. Yet owning a mobility scooter does of course come with responsibility as you will be using your vehicle on a public path and have to follow traffic light instructions.

Whether it is your first time using your new mobility scooter, or you are a seasoned user, you will want to follow five of our mobility scooter checks before use.

If you have not used your mobility scooter for a long period of time, check out our tips for preparing your mobility scooter.

Get Mobility Scooter Insurance

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Using mobility scooters does of course come with its risks, at Blue Badge Mobility our mobility scooter insurance covers yourself and anyone permitted to use your vehicle as well as public liability, accidental damage and personal injury.

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Five Checks for Mobility Scooters Before Use

1. Check your lights

If you are heading out in the evening or early morning, it’s a good idea to quickly check your lights are working properly. It’s easy to neglect the rear lights, you don’t see them after all when using your scooter, so make sure you check those as well.

2. Consider Getting your Vehicle Serviced

Mobility scooter maintenance is important to ensure your scooter is functioning well. Getting mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs serviced ensures that your vehicle is in working order and ensures the vehicle does not experience any unexpected breakdowns or repairs. To cut the costs of running your mobility scooter we advise getting it regularly serviced to ensure it is kept in top condition before you take it to the roads.

The Benefits of Getting Your Mobility Scooter Serviced

  1. Identify battery issues
  2. Removes a build-up of dirt
  3. Prolong its life expectancy
  4. Avoids unexpected breakdowns
  5. Keep it looking as good as new!

3. Check your Mobility Scooter Tyres

To make sure that your mobility scooter works efficiently it’s crucial to check the tyre tread by checking that they are inflated correctly on air-filled or pneumatic tyres as it can aid with grip when you are on the roads. You can find the correct tyre pressure of most scooters in your handbook or online.

It’s also vital to check the general wear and tear of your mobility scooter tyres in case the tyre sidewall is damaged and needs to be repaired.

4. Check your Mobility Scooter Battery

Regularly checking the battery connections on your mobility scooter between getting it serviced will ensure you can get out safely avoiding any potential breakdowns. First of all, ensure your vehicle is stationary and apply pressure to the lever that makes your vehicle run. If the LED or needle of your vehicle decreases as your vehicle moves then we would advise replacing your batteries as they are worn out.

5.  Clean your Mobility Scooter

Keeping your mobility scooter clean is a crucial step in ensuring it doesn’t receive a build-up of debris that could affect its performance and highlights any faults. Take a damp cloth with an abrasive cleanser to clean the metal and plastic parts of your vehicle but make sure to avoid using any cleaning tools that can scratch or mark your mobility scooter.

5 Mobility Scooter Checks Before Use

  1. Check your lights
  2. Consider getting your vehicle serviced
  3. Check your mobility scooter tyres
  4. Check your mobility scooter battery
  5. Clean your mobility scooter

Finally, hit the roads!

Once you have followed our advised mobility scooter checks your vehicle will now be ready to hit the roads! Most importantly remember to drive safely, research the minimum and maximum speed limit and follow the highway code with the rules for users of powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

At Blue Badge Mobility we offer affordable mobility scooter insurance to ensure added safety and cover for your vehicle. We offer a wide range of policies adjusted to your needs, whether you are seeking insurance for your manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair, or personal carer insurance we are here to help.

We also offer optional extras for you to choose from for additional coverage to your mobility scooter policy. Our optional extras include puncture insurance, key insurance and breakdown cover.

If you are ready to take the next step on your mobility scooters checklist and get your vehicle insured, contact us today and we will be happy to discuss our mobility scooter options and select the most suited policy for you.

Still unsure whether you need Mobility Scooter Insurance? Check out 5 reasons to renew your Mobility Scooter Insurance with Blue Badge here.

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