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The Best Ways To Travel With A Mobility Scooter

25 Sep 2018

A mobility scooter is great for shorter distances but if you need to travel further or for longer than it is possible or practical to do with a mobility scooter, you may need to enlist the aid of othe...

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Why Do I Need Mobility Insurance?

24 Aug 2018

This is a question that many people ask. According to the website, you don’t need mobility insurance for your mobility scooter, however, it's worth getting to ensure peace of mind should some...

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Public Calls For Tighter Controls On Mobility Scooter Purchases

30 Jul 2018

For many, a mobility scooter represents the chance to get out and about, without having to worry about fatigue or personal fitness causing the journey to take a long time. Mobility scooters can improv...

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What Does A Professional Carer Do?

06 Jul 2018

What does a professional carer do? Home carer, live-in carer, support worker, support assistant… there are a lots of job titles, but what do they all mean? What do care workers actually do when the...

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How To Get A Home Or A Live-in Carer?

20 Jun 2018

How to find a home or live-in carer or support person You or someone you know needs support to remain in their own home – how do you find that support? What do carers do? Can the NHS help? How much...

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How To Become A Live-in Or Home Carer?

06 Jun 2018

How to become a professional live-in or home carer If you like working with people, becoming a professional live-in or home carer is a very rewarding career choice. Supporting individuals and familie...

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