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Steve Tarrant – 25 Years as a Motorsport Marshal

02 May 2015

Blue Badge Mobility Insurance are proud to sponsor Steve Tarrant, a Motorsport marshal, celebrating 25 years as a marshal in March this year. Steve had been a marshal for 10 years when, in June...

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Companies vow to act on BBC disabled access exposé

10 Mar 2015

You may remember a BBC investigation last year exposed a number of high street companies, taxi firms and railways as not being accessible to disabled people. More than 100 restaurants are now being...

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Blue Badge Mobility Insurance Pancake Challenge!

18 Feb 2015

Pancake Day 2015 saw Blue Badge Mobility Insurance's MD, Andy, take on CEO, Mark, in the Pancake Challenge! Recipes/topping suggestions were sent in by our Facebook fans and Andy and Mark cho...

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Over £300,000 raised for Disabled Mugging Victim.

03 Feb 2015

Thousands of people have donated to raise money for disabled man, Alan Barnes, who was mugged outside his home. Following reports of the mugging, Katie Cutler, set up a GoFundMe page hoping to raise ...

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Disabled Mobility Scooter user Cleared of Drink Driving

21 Jan 2015

A man was arrested for drink driving on his mobility scooter whilst carrying passengers. (Mobility scooters are exempt from the Road Traffic Act unless they are carrying passengers) The man claimed he...

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Disabled Man Asked to Leave Cinema as Ventilator was ‘Too Noisy’

18 Jan 2015

A man was asked to leave a cinema midway through the film he was watching because his ventilator was too noisy and disturbing other customers. Richard Bridger has muscular dystrophy and uses a ventila...

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