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Wheelchair v.Buggy – Disabled Man Wins Case

20 Jan 2018

A disabled man has won a Supreme Court case after a dispute with a woman with a buggy over wheelchair space on a bus. It means bus drivers will have to do more to accommodate wheelchair users. Whe...

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Anger at Chancellor’s Disability Employment Comments

07 Dec 2017

The Chancellor has been criticised by a disabled charity for saying high levels of disabled people in the workforce may have had an impact on productivity. Speaking to the Treasury Committee, Philip ...

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Changes To Controversial PIP Assessments Set To Increase Benefits For 10,000 Disabled People

06 Nov 2017

Thousands of disabled people will receive hundreds of pounds more in benefits each month after the Government was forced to backtrack on controversial reforms.  Following a high-level legal ruling...

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Why I Secretly Taped my Disability Assessment

25 Oct 2017

Every month 60,000 ill and disabled people have their needs assessed for benefits. Some are so worried about the process that they are using mobile phones to secretly record those interviews, critics ...

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UN: Welfare Reforms Have Led to “grave and systematic violations” of Disabled People’s Rights

09 Nov 2016

Changes to benefits "disproportionately affected" disabled people, the UN Committee on the Rights of Disabled Persons (CRPD) found. The committee launched an investigation in 2012 after receivi...

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Government to Overhaul ‘Cruel’ Disability Benefits System

31 Oct 2016

The Government is planning a major overhaul of disability benefits assessment - a system that has been described by critics as "cruel". On Monday, Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green will ...

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