The Importance of Accessible Travel

30 Mar 2022

Improving accessibility for people with disabilities increases a person’s quality of life, independence, and having an improved social life. Accessibility for the disabled can be extremely cost-effective, not only can it reduce travelling costs but it can also help people with disabilities to travel unassisted. 

Ensuring accessible travel for people with disabilities can improve an individual’s quality of life by encouraging independent living and relying less on the demands of the local community. 

The Importance of Accessible Public Transport for Wheelchair Users


Accessibility for disabled people is so important as it encourages independence and confidence. Having individuals gain independence opens up many new opportunities in terms of career paths, relationships and social connections improving their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Not only can travel accessibility help adopt independence but it can also help individuals to build their self-confidence, having them feel valued, appreciated, and empowered. 

Accessible travel having disabled features on public transport can encourage individuals to go on holiday, or explore their area and go on a staycation. Many insurance policies such as Blue Badge Mobility cover travel insurance to give peace of mind with your insurance policy.

Improved Economy 

Improving accessibility can have many economic benefits for businesses by having an increased amount of people using their services, participating in society and taking the opportunity to socialise with family and friends by utilising activities and events. This not only improves the economy for businesses but also helps to reduce the pressure on health care services by there being a decrease in the demand.

Quality of life

Accessibility encourages individuals using wheelchairs or mobility scooters to get out more and visit new areas, as well as make use of what their local area has to offer by adopting a sense of independence. 

By doing so, naturally, the individual’s quality of life will improve. Going outdoors, developing hobbies, maintaining a social life and exercising all take a huge effect on the quality of life of an individual. Ensuring accessible features are developed considering the needs and requirements of a person with disabilities can improve the mental and physical well-being of an individual. 

The Benefits of Wheelchair Accessibility on Public Transport 

There are many wheelchair-accessible public transport options now to improve the well-being of disabled individuals, improve their lifestyle and their independence. The key to this is planning and using all available resources to ensure all transport routes are wheelchair/ motor scooter friendly. 

There are also many personal vehicles available now that are custom to the user’s accessibility needs.  These vehicles are a great option as they are grants available from the government and they come with much accessible travel mobility scooters and wheelchair-friendly features. 

Wheelchair friendly vehicles come with many features such as extra space, accessible toilets, ramps, and customised seating suitable to the individual and their wheelchair. These vehicles have become extremely popular as they do not rely on the individual having to get out of their wheelchair, ensuring no pain or discomfort is caused.


Not only is accessibility important for the mental and physical well-being of an individual, but it also has many economical factors too. Fortunately, many businesses and authorities are gradually beginning to take into consideration the needs of disabled individuals by developing wheelchair-friendly features such as ramps, passenger assistance and extra space.

Blue Badge Mobility Disabled Travel Insurance

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