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Mobility Scooter Financial Support and Grants

05 Apr 2024

For individuals with mobility challenges, whether due to ageing, disability, or injury, mobility is a fundamental aspect of independence and quality of life. Mobility scooters serve as indispensable a...

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Are Mobility Scooters Allowed on the Road?

28 Feb 2024

Mobility scooters provide a valuable means of transportation for individuals with mobility impairments. However, understanding the rules and regulations governing their use in public spaces is crucial...

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Wheelchair-friendly Holiday Destinations

20 Feb 2024

There was a time when being in a wheelchair meant you couldn’t explore a lot of places, both in the United Kingdom and around the world. Thankfully, accessibility is fast becoming more and more cons...

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Young Carers Action Day

08 Feb 2024

Young Carers Action Day is an annual event that aims to shed light on the invaluable contributions of young carers and to help raise awareness about the challenges they face, and to advocate for the s...

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Dignity Action Day 2024

02 Jan 2024

Across the UK, thousands of adults receive some form of social care every day, on a variety of different scales. The care sector is such an important service which makes a huge difference to the lives...

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Accessible Christmas Markets

20 Nov 2023

Christmas is fast approaching, so what better way to start planning your celebrations than arranging some fun Christmas days out? In this blog, we’ll go through some popular Christmas locations acro...

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