Insurance for Mobility Scooters, Everything you Need to Know

17 May 2022

Mobility scooters help to provide you with the independence and freedom to help out with day-to-day duties such as maintaining a well-balanced social life and carrying out daily tasks. 

Insurance for mobility scooters can enable a new lease of life by providing you with security whilst using your vehicle in busy areas. Our mobility scooter insurance at Blue Badge Mobility covers the theft, loss or damage to their vehicle as well as public liability, personal accidents and mobility scooter breakdown cover. 

To maintain a good quality of life, It is highly advised by our team to take out mobility scooter insurance as it protects you and other users against common problems that may occur whilst owning a mobility scooter. 

Insurance for Mobility Scooters

If you are thinking about buying a mobility scooter then you may have a few questions. We have compiled a list of everything you need to know about mobility scooter insurance. 

1. The Laws on Insuring a Mobility Scooter

There are currently no laws stating that you must take out mobility scooter insurance, even if you are wanting to use your mobility scooter on the road or on the pavement. Yet it is highly advised to take out mobility scooter insurance to protect yourself from any third-party claims, the theft, damage or loss of your scooter and having up to £2 million in public liability insurance. 

The Benefits of Mobility Scooter Insurance 

  1. No charge for policy changes
  2. Easy claims service
  3. Low prices
  4. Covering the cost of the theft, accidental damage and loss.
  5. Loss or theft of personal effects

Find out more on whether Mobility Scooters need tax and insurance here.

2. Home Insurance Cover

Not all home insurance providers cover mobility scooter insurance, which is why, if you are looking to insure your mobility scooter you should check with your home insurance provider first. 

If your home insurance provider does not cover your mobility scooter, then you can go to a mobility scooter insurance provider. At Blue Badge Mobility we have to offer a wide range of extras for you to add to your mobility scooter policy to ensure you receive the best possible cover for your needs. 

3. Insurance for a Pavement Mobility Scooter

You are not legally required to have mobility scooter insurance for the use of your vehicle on the pavement. Yet if you are looking to insure your vehicle for the use of pavements, then at Blue Badge Mobility we offer Class 2 Mobility Scooter insurance for pavement use and Class 3 Mobility Scooter insurance for the use of your vehicle on the pavement and road. 

Using your mobility scooter in busy areas and roads comes with its risks, which is why it is highly advised to cover yourself with mobility scooter insurance. Protecting your vehicle against damage, theft or loss can give you confidence when using your vehicle allowing you to continue with daily tasks with peace of mind. 

4. DVLA Mobility Scooter Registration

Before buying your mobility scooter, it is vital to establish how you would like to use your vehicle. Mobility scooters are either registered as Class 2 or Class 3. Class 2 vehicles are not allowed to be used on the road and are not required to be registered with DVLA. Yet class 3 vehicles will be required to be registered with DVLA as they allow you to use public roads. 

Class 2 Registered Vehicles 

Class 2 registered vehicles are required to stick to a maximum speed of 4mph and are not allowed on the road where there isn’t pavement. 

Class 3 Registered Vehicles 

Class 3 registered vehicles are required to stick to a maximum speed of 8mph on the road and 4mph on the pavement, these vehicles are also suitable for road use. 

5. Do Mobility Scooters need a Driving Licence?

When buying your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, you will not be required to have a driving licence. Yet you will need to register your mobility scooter with DVLA by completing the V44/4 form for new vehicles or V55/5 form for used vehicles depending on whether it is a class 2 valid carriage or class 3 valid carriage. 

We advise staying up to date on the most recent mobility scooter laws and their road use on the Gov UK website

Blue Badge Mobility Scooter Insurance 

We offer affordable mobility scooter insurance covering you and anyone with permission to ride it, as well as many other benefits and optional extras. 

We offer a wide range of policies adapted to your needs, whether you need insurance for your electric wheelchair, manual wheelchair, or personal carer insurance, we can be sure to help. Our team take the time to understand all your needs creating a high level of cover mobility scooter policy.

If you would like to learn more about our mobility scooter insurance policy then please get in touch today, and we will be more than happy to talk you through our options and help make the right decision for you. 

If you are still unsure about whether you need insurance for your mobility scooter, then discover our blog post here talking you through all the benefits of Insuring with Blue Badge Mobility.

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