Mobility Scooter Insurance Policy

Mobility Scooter Insurance Policy Document: Introduction

In return for payment of your premium your insurer will provide the insurance cover detailed in this policy
subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations shown below or amended in writing during the period of insurance.

Your policy is made up of:
a) This document, which gives details of the insurance cover you have bought from us;
b) The policy schedule, which contains your details, summarises the level of cover and the sections
of this document which are included in your policy; and
c) Any amendments to the insurance that either you or we have told the other about.

You should read your policy carefully to make sure that:
a) You understand the details of the cover;
b) The policy meets your needs; and
c) The details in the policy schedule are correct.
You should let us know as soon as possible if any of these are not true.

Each section in this document is split into:
a) Details of what you are covered for;
b) Details of what you are not covered for; and
c) The limits of the cover provided.

Each of these only applies to the section in which it appears.

Your policy also includes general conditions that apply across the whole policy, unless stated otherwise.

We/ your insurer have tried to explain the policy as clearly as possible, however if you have any
questions, please call Blue Badge Mobility Insurance on 01730 233 101.

Authorisation and Regulation

This mobility scooter insurance or wheelchair insurance is underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited who are
authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and
the Prudential Regulation Authority, Financial Services Register No 202039.

Blue Badge Mobility Insurance are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


The following words or phrases have the meaning defined below whenever they appear in bold
throughout this document.

An unplanned, unexpected and unintentional incident that occurs at a
specific time and place during the period of insurance.

Accidental damage:
Sudden and unexpected damage, occurring at a specific time during the
period of insurance and caused by external means.

Claims Administrator:
Davies Group Ltd for sections 1–10 and 12-13 or National Breakdown for
section 11.

Enabling device:
Any device (electronic or not) that is required to operate the scooter or
, the removal of which renders the scooter or wheelchair

Your relatives, or partner who normally lives with you.

Any person using your scooter or wheelchair with your permission and who is
legally allowed to do so.

The private dwelling shown on your policy schedule

Immovable object:
Any solid object that cannot be moved without damaging or destroying it.

Insured event:
Loss or damage to your scooter or wheelchair caused by accidental
, or as a result of natural causes (e.g. fire flood storm), or theft or the
accidental loss or theft of, or accidental damage to, any insured key(s).

Insured key(s):
A key to any external door to your home, or mobility scooter including
electronic key fobs and immobiliser keys.

Ageas Insurance Limited

Period of insurance:
The time from the start date shown on your policy schedule and:
 the end date shown in the policy schedule; or
 the date on which you or we/ your insurer cancel the policy; or
 the date your Claims Administrator/ insurer pays a claim for total loss
whichever is earlier.

Personal belongings:
Items you own that you normally wear or carry.

Unexpected deflation of a tyre(s) on a scooter or wheelchair

Scooter or wheelchair:
The mobility scooter or, power chair, manual wheelchair or disability adapted
tricycle as detailed in the policy schedule

Total loss:
Loss of or accidental damage to the mobility scooter or wheelchair caused
by an insured event where the costs or repair are more than the insured value
of the scooter or wheelchair.

A car or motorcycle registered in your name

Blue Badge Mobility Insurance

The person shown in the policy schedule as the Insured. If you die or become
incapable of managing your financial affairs, we/ your Claims Administrator/
will treat your executors as you for the purposes of any legal
responsibility that may arise.

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