Do Mobility Scooters Need Tax and Insurance?

23 Apr 2021

Mobility Scooters are very useful and widely used vehicles that are used to assist people with their travel. They can be taken on pavements, into shops and on most kinds of public transport which makes them absolutely invaluable for everyday tasks. If you are thinking of getting a Mobility Scooter, our team would highly advise it.

These vehicles make it easy for the user to get around unaided, whether this is on a social occasion, a day out or a simple trip to the local supermarket. Having this level of independence can be so beneficial for someone’s mental health as knowing you have the freedom to get around and do the things you want on your own time is incredibly freeing.

mobility scooter tax

Not only this but mobility scooters are comfortable and convenient, with the majority of services offering wheelchair access for users. Most buses and trains have a dedicated area of the vehicle where mobility scooters can sit, as well as easy access on and off the bus. 

It’s great to see so many initiatives throughout the country which promote easy wheelchair and mobility scooter access to support those who need it. If you are using a mobility scooter and have concerns about access to a location, we would advise getting in contact before you travel.

When looking to buy a Mobility Scooter, it’s vital to consider extra needs such as Mobility Scooter Insurance and Vehicle Tax. Below we answer whether you need road tax and insurance for your Mobility Scooter.

Do I Need Mobility Scooter Road Tax?

You will not have to pay vehicle tax for your mobility scooter if it’s registered as a “class 3 scooter invalid carriage.” In order to double-check, you will need to request this information from the seller when you purchase it. Once you have bought your mobility scooter, the seller will make you the “registered keeper,” meaning your new vehicle will be in your name. Similar to buying a car, you will also get a new vehicle logbook within 4 weeks of the sale.

Do Mobility Scooters Need Tax and Insurance?

Do I Need Mobility Scooter Insurance?

A Mobility Scooter doesn’t legally require insurance, however, we would highly advise covering yourself and your vehicle, should the worst happen; even the most skilled and careful people can drive a mobility scooter and have an accident. However, a mobility scooter can help to promote a better quality of life and once you start using your new vehicle, you will understand how much of an impact it can make. 

Thefts and vandalism to mobility scooters can also happen, resulting in costly repairs and replacements. Buying mobility scooter insurance gives you peace of mind that no matter what happens, you can stay on the road and continue using your scooter.

At Blue Badge we offer Mobility Scooter Insurance. We are mobility insurance experts, providing niche insurance products designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our friendly UK-based team at Blue Badge provide honest cover to give you confidence on the road. Our policy includes:

  • Public liability cover up to £2 million
  • Cover for theft, damage or loss of your scooter
  • Loss or theft of personal effects
  • 90-day holiday cover

Our team understands that your mobility scooter is a huge part of your life. This is why we are focused on keeping you moving. Find out more about our Mobility Scooter insurance or speak to one of our friendly team today.

Do Mobility Scooters Need Tax and Insurance?

How to Look After my Mobility Scooter?

Ensuring your mobility scooter is one of the most proactive ways to stay on the road. There are also many other steps to take to maintain your scooter and keep it safe and comfortable.

  • Where possible, keep your scooter locked away in a shed or garage area where it cannot be seen
  • If you have to keep your scooter outside, invest in a waterproof cover to protect it from the weather
  • Keep your scooter clean when not in use by wiping down any areas with a clean, dry cloth to remove debris. Wipe across the seat and handle once a week to keep it clean
  • Check the lights on your scooter to ensure they are working correctly, particularly before a long journey. Visibility is absolutely vital to avoid accidents so consider investing in a bright jacket to wear when travelling
  • Regularly check your mobility scooter tyres to ensure they are fully inflated and free of any scrapes or damage. Use your manual to double-check sizes such as the tyre tread depth

If properly taken care of, a mobility scooter can last 5 years or longer so it is certainly worth keeping up the maintenance. This will ensure you are safe and confident on the road. These fantastic vehicles make a difference to thousands of lives across the UK. For more information, this handy blog has plenty of information on how to look after and store your mobility scooter.

They maximise independence and allow people to socialise and carry out everyday tasks with ease. If you are currently in the market for a mobility scooter, our team wish you all the best on your journey. We hope that you enjoy everything your mobility scooter has to offer!

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