Why should Carers have insurance?

23 Oct 2020

Caring is one of the most rewarding career paths available. A true calling, this is the role of a selfless, empathetic individual who is interested in making a difference to someone’s life. Caring can come in all manner of roles, from temporary care for someone suffering an accident or illness, through to full-time care of someone with a long term condition. The job of a carer can be focused around one individual, or be to multiple clients throughout the day. Either way, watching them progress and building a relationship with the people you’re working with is incredibly rewarding for both parties. Like any job, there are risks that accompany the rewards, therefore, investing in insurance is essential. This allows the carer peace of mind that they are covered in the event of an accident or emergency.

Why do I need carers insurance?

Carers have the highest regard and take the greatest care of their clients. In order to care for someone, you must have the appropriate qualifications and education to ensure you are completing your job to a quality standard. However, incidents can occur. This could be anything from your client having an accident during your care, to the mistaken administration of the wrong medicine. In a job that is both physically and mentally demanding, human error can happen. These incidents are obviously very concerning for the carer. This is where carers insurance comes in. A comprehensive policy covers a variety of incidents, allowing the carer to feel confident and relaxed in what they’re doing. Carers insurance also provides the client and their loved one’s peace of mind, as it presents an option and advice in the case of an emergency.

Why should Carers have insurance?

What does carers insurance cover?

Carers insurance covers a range of things which you might encounter during your job as a carer. If there are any discrepancies, you know that you have peace of mind that you are covered. This allows you to focus on the job at hand and excel at caring for your clients. Depending on the policy you take out, the elements covered may be different.

What does our Blue Badge Carers insurance policy cover:

Public liability Cover up to £5 Million for injury or damage to property

This will cover any mistakes you make within the home, such as an accident with the client or the property you are working with. This includes any breakages such as knocking over something expensive whilst cleaning the client’s property.

Legal expenses in the event of a liability claim

We understand that a legal claim from a client can be extremely distressing. Our team at Blue Badge are here to support you. We will cover legal expenses in the event of a claim. This covers you for any amount of clients you are caring for, so you won’t have to take out a separate policy per person.

Why should Carers have insurance?

Errors or omissions whilst providing care, including administering medication

Administering medicine to a client is one of the key parts of the job, which is crucial to get right. In a demanding job, things can go wrong. In this event, carers insurance will cover you.

Up to 90 days cover for care provision whilst on holiday

If you want to go abroad with your client, our policy gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your travels knowing you are covered. This is a really enjoyable experience for both parties, and it’s always valuable to know you have insurance during this period. Our policy covers 90 days of care cover outside of the UK, ensuring the client is a UK resident.

Accidental injury to any person in your care

An injury which occurs during your care can be incredibly distressing for both yourself and the client. Even with the greatest care and training, these incidents can happen. Ensure you are protected with carers insurance. Our policy also covers personal accident cover up to £10,000.

Why should Carers have insurance?

No fees for policy changes

Blue Badge don’t ask for any additional fees if you want to change your policy. We understand that life can change and we are flexible to fit in with this. If you need to change your policy in any way, speak to one of our friendly team.

Why choose Blue Badge?

Blue Badge Mobility Insurance is one of the leading providers of carers insurance in the UK and for good reason. We offer consistently low prices and friendly UK based staff, who are only a phone call away. If you have any issues or queries, we are there to assist you. You can trust in Blue Badge as we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Carers insurance isn’t a legal requirement but is highly recommended. If you want to discuss carers insurance with the team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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