9 Top Tips for Mobility Scooter Owners

26 Feb 2021

So, you’ve taken the plunge and bought a new mobility scooter! Congratulations, this is a fantastic step towards greater independence and freedom. A mobility scooter is a really helpful tool that allows the user safe, comfortable travel and the opportunity to socialise and enjoy leisure activities at ease. If you are a new mobility scooter user or just want some advice on using yours, we have put together our top tips for safe and enjoyable travel.

Read the manual

This one seems obvious but it’s always worth having a look through the instructions which come with your mobility scooter to ensure you have an understanding of the device. This also means you can check general requirements about the scooter to ensure you are taking the right steps it maintain it. A well-cared-for mobility scooter will run better and last longer. Make sure you understand the basic controls and handling before you make a journey. We would highly recommend testing your new mobility scooter in a quiet area before travelling anywhere.

9 Top Tips for Mobility Scooter Owners

Brush up on the rules

If you aren’t familiar with the road rules behind using a mobility scooter it’s certainly worth double-checking before your first outing. Mobility scooter users must give way to pedestrians and these key pieces of information will keep yourselves and others around you, safe.


Do be aware that weather conditions can affect your journey so check the forecast ahead of time and be prepared. Ice and rain can create a hazardous driving environment so slower speed is certainly recommended when travelling. Waterproof mobility scooter capes are available to ensure you stay dry if you get caught in a shower. Regularly check your tyres, particularly before a long journey to ensure they are the correct pressure and that there aren’t any scrapes or damage which could cause issues on your journey.


Too much luggage on the handlebars can cause your mobility scooter to tip, so we would recommend investing in a bag that can be attached to the back of the chair. This is perfect for carrying shopping and any other essentials such as water and a mobile phone to ensure you have a comfortable journey. Why not put a hat and a pair of gloves inside to ensure you always have these with you.

tips for mobile scooter owners


When using a mobility scooter you need to be visible to pedestrians and road users at all times. Be aware that during the winter, the day can quickly turn to night so it’s important to be prepared. Invest in some quality lights for your vehicle as well as a high-vis jacket so you can be clearly seen at a distance. Test your lights before each journey to ensure they are in good working order and are ready to go when you need them.

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

Mobility scooters provide a safe and comfortable way to travel, however, we would recommend taking a mobile phone out with you in case of an emergency, providing you with peace of mind on your travels. Make sure it is fully charged particularly if you plan on a long journey. Keep it in easy reach, in a zippable pocket or bag.

Just got a mobility scooter? 9 tops tips for you!


Keeping your mobility scooter somewhere safe and dry will ensure longevity of life and protect it from theft. Ideally, putting it away inside where it can be charged is optimal, however, a lockable shed also works well. If you haven’t got access to this, a folding mobility scooter cover will ensure it’s kept safe from the weather. Where possible, put the scooter away from sight to deter thieves.

If you keep your scooter in storage for a while, there are some important mobility scooter checks you should do before use to ensure it is safe to use.


Although not a legal requirement, Mobility Scooter Insurance is really valuable and ensures you can get quickly back on the road. At Blue Badge, we pride ourselves on being a friendly, UK based team, passionate about supporting our clients and provide comprehensive Mobility Scooter cover. Our mobility scooter insurance covers up to £2 Million Public Liability Insurance, Theft, Damage or Loss of your scooter, 90 Days Holiday Cover, Loss or theft of personal effects and No fees for policy changes. Mobility scooters are a fantastic addition to an individuals life and have lots of practical uses, so by investing in insurance you know you can continue to enjoy the benefits. If you would like to chat with one of our team, do not hesitate to get in touch and we can answer any queries you may have.

Enjoy it

Mobility scooters are such useful tools so if you have just invested in one, prepare to enjoy plenty more independence, freedom and social experiences. Most public transport platforms including buses and trains have space for a mobility scooter to be safely stored, which opens up a world of possibilities for you. Knowing you are able to travel without the assistance of anyone else is so freeing and allows you to have complete control of your life.

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