Mobility Scooter Theft on the Increase

08 May 2014

It’s becoming more and more common to see stories about Mobility Scooter theft in the local press and police are warning owners to be extra vigilant. Some are recovered in state of disrepair; a scooter stolen in Weymouth last month was discovered torched in a field 2 days later, while some are never recovered and with the value of high end scooters going into the thousands it’s not difficult to see why.

The theft of a Mobility Scooter does not just have financial implications, it can also have a big impact on lifestyle as for some people it is their only means of getting out and about. A pensioner in Aldershot had his scooter stolen last week and was unable to get out, even to his local shops, until he was able to arrange a replacement. Whilst we can take precautions to avoid theft, some thieves will always find a way and that’s where having the right insurance can help.

Blue Badge Mobility Scooter insurance covers you for theft of your scooter including personal effects stolen at the same time (subject to terms and conditions). We also cover you for hiring and using a temporary replacement scooter if yours is lost or being repaired following an incident, meaning you’re not left stranded. Our friendly team will help you with your claim and make the whole process easy, getting you mobile again as soon as possible. And with our lowest prices guarantee you know you’re getting a great policy for the best price.

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