The 5 Best Heavy-Duty Folding Mobility Scooters Right Now

02 Nov 2022

When it comes to mobility scooters, you need to be sure that they’re doing exactly what you need them to do for the kind of lifestyle you lead. A mobility scooter is a serious purchase, and if you don’t choose the right one, you could end up investing in a piece of equipment that can’t assist you in the ways you wanted it to. 

Choosing your mobility scooter correctly is essential, especially as one begins to grow older. Lots of older people have trouble when it comes to joint or muscle pain as they age, meaning they start to lose certain mobility options making it harder for them to get around. Many decide to steer clear of driving a road vehicle for similar reasons, or due to either eyesight problems or reactionary issues preventing them from getting behind the wheel. 

For older individuals, and even more so for those individuals who live more active lives, investing in a heavy-duty folding mobility scooter will be the best decision you might make. These scooters are practical, durable, and perfect for operating on a wide range of terrains, making them some of the best mobility scooters on the market right now. 

Here are 5 of the best heavy-duty folding mobility scooters around right now, for those who like to get around both easily and practically with no extra hassle.

Expertly Designed Folding Mobility Scooters

If you’re looking for the perfect portable mobility scooter, then look no further. Although most traditional heavy-duty mobility scooters are powered by lead, acid or gel batteries, we recommend looking for scooters that are powered by lithium batteries instead. Lithium battery-powered mobility scooters, although initially more expensive than ones powered by acid or gel batteries, often last up to ten times longer than their competitors. 

They’re also more durable and lighter than their counterparts, making them compatible with the lifestyles of those who are more active. However, although they’re lighter, that doesn’t make any of these any less heavy-duty. Choosing to buy a mobility scooter with a lithium battery means charging just as much as with any other battery type, while still getting a smooth and even ride from A to B.

1)   Pride Apex Rapid

The Pride Apex Rapid mobility scooter comes with a CTS suspension for a comfortable and smooth ride. From a trip to your local shops to completing simple tasks at home, this mobility scooter offers a quality ride with a sleek yet sporty design. This model is set to make its mark on many mobility scooter users as it comes with an array of modern features and components, popular in the world of mobility scooters. 

Popular Features

  • Delta Handle Bar
  • Suspension
  • Charging Points
  • Available in a variety of colours 
  • Maximum of 13-mile range. 

2)   Shoprider Cadiz

The Shoprider Cadiz is a luxurious mobility scooter with many practical features, ideal for those looking to travel on the roads as it comes with a maximum speed of 8phm and a range of 20 miles. This model allows you to travel further once charged providing the ultimate comfort to users with pneumatic tyres and full suspension.

The Shoprider Cadiz comes with lights to ensure the mobility scooter remains visible, legal and safe for road use. As well as providing the user with maximum safety, this model comes with several advanced features such as an adjustable tiller and armest. 

Popular Features

  • Rear View Mirror
  • Climbs Kerbs
  • Maximum a 20-mile range
  • 160kg Capacity

3)   Invacare Leo

The Invacare Leo mobility scooter is a secure and safe model best suited to those who are looking to enhance their independence without the added assistance of carers. This model comes with a number of safety features whilst designed to look sporty and stylish. As well as looking modern, the Invacare Leo Mobility Scooter is an easy yet powerful drive accompanied by simple controls.

Popular Features 

  • Rear Brake Lights
  • Charging off Board
  • Anti-Splash Guard
  • Comfort Seating

4)   Pride GoGo Elite Traveller

The Pride GoGo Elite Traveller offers versatility, stability and power to those who are looking to travel long distances without having to stop and recharge. This model is one of Travel Mobilities’ most popular models as it comes with a number of exciting features allowing the user to adopt an increase of independence whilst making use of a large deck ideal for the user’s feet and legs. 

Popular Features

  • Large Deck
  • 300 Pounds Capacity
  • One-hand Disassembly Design
  • Maximum Speed of 4mph
  • Maximum of a 9.75miles 

5)   Kymco Midi XLS

The Kymco Midi XLS mobility scooter provides users with the ultimate comfort with an outstanding performance for everyday travel. This model comes with many features that make completing daily tasks easier. From its elegant design to many practical adjustments, the Kymco Midi XLS is designed to enhance the user’s everyday life. 

Popular Features

  • LED Lights 
  • Adjustable Suspensions 
  • Maximum of 25mph range
  • Delta Handle Bar
  • Front and Rear Bumpers

The Best Heavy-Duty Portable Mobility Scooters Conclusion

There are plenty of different things to consider before deciding to invest in a heavy-duty mobility scooter. You have to consider all aspects of your every day life before purchasing a new vehicle, just like you would with a brand new car or bicycle. Every single mobility scooter is going to be incredibly varied, meaning what’s best for one person might be entirely different for another. These are our general recommendations for the average user.

At Blue Badge Mobility, we provide affordable pricing when it comes to insuring mobility scooters. We want to be able to provide additional protection and coverage for your mobility scooter. Whether you’re looking for insurance for your mobility scooter manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or personal carer insurance we provide a wide choice of plans tailored to your needs and requirements. Get in touch with us today and a member of the team will be delighted to assist you.

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