5 Tips for Preparing To Use Your Scooter After a Long Period

08 Jun 2020

Preparing to use your mobility scooter after a long period of time

With lockdown, bad weather and a number of other reasons why you might not have used your mobility scooter for a long period of time, if you’re thinking about venturing out on your scooter again you should take a little time to ensure that you will still be able to use it safely. Here are 5 tips we think you should be considering before heading out on your scooter.

  1. Check the battery
  2. Check your tyres
  3. Check light, horns and mirrors
  4. Check your lock
  5. Clean your mobility scooter

Check the battery

Your battery is your mobility scooters source of ‘fuel’. If you haven’t been using the vehicle for a period of time you may have had the battery on a charger which should maintain it in good condition and fully charged. Whether it had been charged or not it is worth checking the battery levels to avoid running flat on your first trip out and getting stranded. Refer to your scooters manual or ask a qualified professional if you are unsure.

Preparing To Use Your Scooter After Lockdown

Check tyres

Although solid tyres are becoming more prevalent on mobility scooters, there are still many that have inflated tyres. Before going back out on your scooter you should check that the tyres are fully inflated and and are in good condition with no signs of wear.

Check lights, horn and mirrors

Whether you are going out in the day or after dark you should make sure that your lights are working properly, though remember to turn them off again after you have checked them to avoid running down your battery. You should also carry out checks on vital safety equipment such as your rear-view mirrors and horn if they are installed on your mobility scooter.

Make sure your lock still works

If you are planning on leaving your mobility scooter unattended while you are out, you may be using a lock to protect it. It is worth checking the lock to make sure that it still works.

Give it a clean

When you do go out you will want to have your scooter looking at its best. Wipe down any exposed areas with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust and debris. Your seat can be washed with mild disinfectant spray or wipes, although we don’t recommend spraying any liquids directly on your scooter. Instead, spray them straight onto a clean cloth and wipe. Avoid using anything oily as this has the potential to make your scooter slippery and possibly dangerous.

Preparing To Use Your Scooter After Lockdown

Drive carefully

You may not have been on your mobility scooter for some time so you should start slowly to make sure that you are still able to control it and drive safely. Taking care to drive safely protects you and those on the pavement/roads as well. Our team at Blue Badge would strongly recommend having some mobility scooter insurance, in the event that something does happen to your scooter. It allows you to have peace of mind that your scooter is always protected. Our mobility scooter insurance policy will cover you on up to £2 Million Public Liability Insurance, Theft, Damage or Loss of your scooter, 90 Days Holiday Cover, loss or theft of personal effects and no fees for policy changes. Contact our team for further information or to register mobility scooter insurance with us today.

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