How To Find Work As A Carer

07 Dec 2018

Working as a carer can be a rewarding experience. You will make other people’s lives easier, happier and more comfortable, which can give you an amazing sense of well-being. If you’d like to find out more information about becoming a carer, we have compiled a list of ways to find work as a carer, below.


If you are looking to start your career or move on from your current position, job sites can be very useful. Some caring jobs advertised through these sites will give on-the-job training so if you don’t have qualifications, you may still be able to find employment using this method. Many of these jobs will require you to have your own transport so please be aware of this when applying. Making an application for these jobs may just involve sending your CV and a cover letter but they may involve filling in a larger form or questionnaire, depending on the site.


Agencies are able to offer a variety of work, based on your experience and qualifications. Working for an agency may require that you have access to a vehicle to get from property to property. Being a carer with an agency can offer a greater amount of variety, as you will be working with different people with different capabilities. This will help you gain experience of aiding people from different backgrounds, who have different needs for their specialist care. Some agencies will also post vacancies on jobsites so you may also be able to find them on there, as well as on their own websites or through contacting the company.


Some employers will require you to have NVQ Level 2 or 3 in Health and Social Care. This course should give you the basics required to care for those in a vulnerable position. Your college may also have a careers department, who can put you in touch with the relevant people to progress your career, such as agencies or care homes. You may also be able to get work experience through the careers department or through your course, which can help later on when you are looking for a job.


Volunteer experience is always great to have on your CV but it can also be a good route to get work within an agency or care home. You may find in time that you can move up from a volunteer role to a paid one and you will have gained many valuable skills. If there is a local agency or care home in your area, get in touch with them to see if they have any openings or opportunities for you. You may need a DBS or CRB check to carry out volunteer activities so you should check if this is the case

Carers need to be patient, caring, good listeners, friendly, empathetic, quick thinking and calm so any other volunteer experience that you can get to showcase these traits will also be useful.

Helping a relative or friend

If you have a friend or a relative who are looking for a carer, this would be a good opportunity to get some experience. Or maybe, you are looking after a friend or relative at the moment and need some support? If that is the case, there are various places you can look to for financial aid. If you decide to continue to be a carer after they no longer need your assistance, the experience you have gained in looking after them will help you get a full-time job as a carer.

If this is something that interests you, Carers Insurance may be something that can help you with a carer career.

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