5 Ways To Maintain Your Mobility Scooter Throughout Winter

06 Jan 2020

How to maintain your mobility scooter during Winter

The winter months are finally upon us, so if you own a mobility scooter, it’s important to care for it throughout the winter. Mobility scooters are extremely useful and help with independence, however, just like a car, a mobility scooter needs a little more upkeep and vigilance and there are some mobility scooter checks you should do during the colder months to ensure it keeps running smoothly and efficiently.

Tips on looking after your mobility scooter throughout winter

Check your Tyres

You should regularly check your scooter tyres for general wear and tear and this practice is even more vital in winter as ice and cold can potentially damage them. Journeys during winter can be more hazardous due to the snow, ice and extra moisture on the ground. This means regular checks are crucial to ensure for safe usage of your mobility scooter.

When using your scooter, it is good practice to check the tyre pressure before heading out. Having the correct pressure will help to keep control of the mobility scooter when travelling.

Charging and battery

You should always keep your mobility scooter battery fully charged in between uses. This is especially important during winter months as the cold weather can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan. If you are able to take your mobility scooter out every day, even if just for a short journey, then do so as this can regulate the power supply. Our experts answer the 8 commonly asked questions about Mobility Scooters.

If you don’t plan to use your scooter too often, then disconnect the battery and keep it in a warm and dry place to prevent damage caused by cold temperatures.


Always store your mobility scooter undercover when not in use. If you are able to leave it in a heated area such as your home or a garage, this is the most ideal solution. If this isn’t possible, invest in a waterproof protective cover and keep it as sheltered as you can. Your control panel contains electrical components so keeping this safe from the winter extremities is vital. You can purchase a control panel cover to ensure it is protected from the rain when you are travelling. Find extra tips on how to store and care for your Mobility Scooter.

Keep it clean

Your mobility scooter is more likely to get mud, oil and debris caught on it during winter journeys, therefore keeping it clean is vital. Give your scooter a wipe-down with a damp cloth after every journey, particularly if conditions are wet. One of the main things to avoid is leaving your scooter wet, as this can lead to rust and the faster deterioration of your scooter. Read our top 5 mobility scooter accessories blog to see what other gadgets you should invest in.

Be prepared

As well as caring for your scooter, you should also consider the routes you take and change them if necessary. For example, some journeys which are perfectly safe in summer become somewhat hazardous during the winter. Icy conditions, moisture and snow can make travelling more difficult. Consider your routes and plan your travel arrangements in advance to ensure your journeys remain smooth. Remember that winter brings darker evenings so invest in some high visibility clothing and some high-vis for your scooter so you can be seen. Equip your scooter with both front and backlights so you are easily visible when conditions become darker.

Mobility Scooter Cover with Blue Badge

It’s always worth being prepared and avoiding risky situations. Insuring your Mobility Scooter is a great way to make sure you are protected and have a plan if anything were to go wrong when using your scooter. At Blue Badge, we provide comprehensive mobility scooter insurance, carers insurance, wheelchair insurance and travel insurance with a range of options to suit you. Contact our team today for further information or to insure your mobility scooter.

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