Why Wheelchair Access Is So Important

31 Oct 2019

Wheelchair access in schools, workplaces and venues is commonplace. Those who use a wheelchair in any capacity have the right to use services and shouldn’t be limited because of their chair. This also relates to any travel, such as buses and trains, which usually have facilities to enter and exit the vehicle safely and easily.

Keeping up to date with the law

It is unlawful for a business to refuse a service that others are receiving because an individual is using a wheelchair. All services must be seen to make “reasonable adjustments” for any person with a disability who might be using their service. This includes things like ramps and elevators. How much adjustment must be made all depends on the size of the company, for example, a bank will have more funds to make these changes than a small, family-run store.

Keeping customers happy

It’s really in a business’s own interest to provide such care for their customers. Otherwise, this rules out a whole demographic of otherwise happy customers. From gigs to cinema screenings, those who use a wheelchair need the appropriate access to enjoy these facilities. If you are hosting an event, make public any accessibility information and encourage people to contact you if they have any questions so that they can have a full understanding of the facilities of the venue and whether it is right for them.

Improved customer facilities

If you have a venue or are throwing an event, ensuring there are the correct accessibility measures is vital. It shows hospitality and that all customers are welcome in your establishment. Some things to think about include disabled parking, toilets, ramps and wide aisles. These are all vital for wheelchair access. It’s also important to think of other disabilities, such as visual and hearing impairments. Having things like braille menus and an induction loop is a great way to welcome everybody and allow them to communicate comfortably.

Improved customer service

Having staff that are educated and informed on the subject makes a huge difference. A trip is often made by exceptional service, which has a big impact on the business itself. Ensuring staff are welcoming, helpful and conducting themselves in the right way is vital. If a customer arrives in a wheelchair or with another requirement, it’s important your staff be prompt and helpful in ensuring the customer is comfortable and catered for.

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Common Challenges Faced by Wheelchair Users.

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