How and where to get mobility support

18 Sep 2020

Accessibility and mobility are vital for every individual. If you need extra support there are plenty of resources which can ensure you receive the help you need. However, it can be daunting figuring out where to start and which scheme to opt for. In today’s blog, we will be exploring three schemes, the Motability Scheme, NHS Wheelchairs and The Red Cross. We will give you a break-down of how these schemes work, and what you can get, to ensure you have a full understanding before you make a decision. Blue Badge are expert in all things mobility and we aim to support our clients in any way we can.

Motability Scheme

Mobility scooters make a huge impact on the user’s daily life. These are powerful tools which can be used to increase independence, a vital aspect for anyone’s mental health. Mobility Scooters allow for flexible living and to travel easily between locations.  This makes a huge impression on a person’s wellbeing, allowing for socialising and getting out and about with ease. They also allow a comfortable and safe option for travel, which ensures the user feels confident during their journey. The Motability Scheme allows you to exchange your higher rate mobility allowance to lease a new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. The lease is all-inclusive and includes insurance covering breakdowns and maintenance. One of the benefits of the scheme is you may choose the vehicle you want at a price which is suitable for you.

How and where to get mobility support

What do I need to know?

  • The standard lease is between 3 and 5 years
  • Running costs are covered by the scheme
  • You are eligible if you have 12 months remaining on your higher-rate mobility allowance
  • Choose from 3 pricing options
  • The payment is received as a direct transfer from the relevant benefits agency
  • You can easily apply online

NHS Wheelchairs

If you are having issues with your mobility, you may be eligible to get a wheelchair from the NHS. There are several routes you can go down:

Speak to your GP, a physiotherapist or relevant hospital staff who will refer you for an assessment. They will then assess if the NHS service is suitable for you. If you qualify, the service will decide on the type of wheelchair they will offer.

Alternatively, you may be able to get a voucher which will go towards buying one. If you simply need to borrow a wheelchair for a short period of time, this is also possible. A mobility scooter may be a more appropriate tool for you, and these are also available on the NHS.

How and where to get mobility support

Red Cross Wheelchair Hire

The Red Cross is an organisation that aims to help people in conflicts and emergencies in the UK, and across the world. The Red Cross allows you to hire a wheelchair for short-term use across the UK, for up to 20 weeks at just £22 a week. This service is extremely accessible and the wheelchair can be booked online, whereby the site will find a chair in your closest location. (Please note these are only suitable for those above the age of five.)

What does the service ask of you?

  • Which type of wheelchair do you need?
  • Your measurements
  • Where do you plan to use the wheelchair?
  • When would you like to use the wheelchair from?
  • How many weeks would you like the wheelchair for?

Red Cross

Deciding between a wheelchair and a mobility scooter

Manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters are both highly useful and pose different benefits. If you are still deciding on the right option for you, it’s important to spend time researching and reflecting on your own requirements. A physiotherapist can offer advice on a chair which will benefit posture and any physical requirements you may have which will influence the decision.

A mobility scooter is beneficial in that you are able to travel longer distances at a faster pace, therefore it would be ideal for someone with limited upper body strength. A mobility scooter is a safe and convenient way to travel, and most public transport has space on board so you can easily use these services.

Manual wheelchairs tend to be more affordable and allow the option for someone to push from behind. They are far more lightweight than their electric counterpart, meaning they are more convenient for travel as most can be folded away.

The final word

Our team at Blue Badge are experienced in all things mobility. We offer insurance policies to provide peace of mind. From electric wheelchair insurance to mobility scooter insurance, we are client-focused to ensure you get the best deals and support. Our Mobility Insurance policies cover Up to £2 Million Public Liability Insurance, Theft, Damage or Loss of your wheelchair, 90 Days Holiday Cover, Loss or theft of personal effects and No fees for policy changes. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our team today.

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