Blue Badge Mobility Insurance Launches

14 Apr 2014


The team behind the leading independent pet insurer is launching a new niche insurance product aimed at the fast-growing mobility scooter and related markets.

Blue Badge Mobility Insurance has been launched by Mark Effenberg, the man heading the team behind market-leading independent insurer Healthy-Pets Insurance – a business he launched as a purely online insurer, possibly the first of its type, in 1997.

Mark has first-hand understand of the market, as his son has cerebral palsy.

“This is the first of a series of carefully-considered niche insurance offerings based on a common approach. People are wary of insurance companies. We’re an insurer that wears a smile, hides nothing and likes to help. What’s more, we simply do not have the overheads of the big insurers – and that means we can pass on cost savings to customers: electric wheelchair and mobility scooter insurance will start around £59: and that’s a real and available price,” said Mark Effenberg, Chief Executive of Blue Badge Mobility Insurance.

“It’s a sensitive matter, but by the very nature of their use, mobility scooters can be hazardous to both operate and be near: insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but there’s an increasing number of accidents – and there’s more than five times as many in use, probably approaching half a million – than ten years ago,” said Mark.

“Unfortunately, there are people out there who will want recompense beyond simple payment for repair for even minor accidental damage or injury resulting from an incident involving a mobility scooter, so while insurance is not compulsory, it is certainly advisable.

“We are coming at this from a particularly empathetic perspective because my son has cerebral palsy and consequent mobility considerations, so I have first-hand appreciation of both the issues of mobility, and, crucially, the challenges facing people simply wanting to take out mobility insurance.

“We’ll be applying the business and customer service principles established in our other online insurance businesses since the mid-late 1990s: put simply, we have low overheads because we are a 100% online insurer, we have exceptional underwriters in Ageas, and we have a customer service and support system and team who are not just experienced, but also multiple winners of customer service awards. We work hard to see or deliver the positive and hassle-free whenever possible.”

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