7 Reasons To Become A Paid Carer

23 Jan 2019

Highly rewarding

Being a carer can give you an enormous sense of well-being and it is good to know that you are helping others and giving back to your community.


Meet a variety of people

Depending on whether you have one client or ten, your day could be filled with people from all different backgrounds who can tell you all about their lives. You may find that you are able to relate to them about their experiences or it may be that the different lives they have led will be inspiring and interesting to you.


You can make someone’s day

To you it may be just a cup of tea, but to them, it’s a chance to sit and chat with someone who has a kind, smiling face. Sometimes what people need is to have someone there to talk to, so that they know that they are being heard and that their concerns are being listened to and taken into account.


Great career prospects

There are many different roles in the care industry, from live-in carers to food preparation staff, to administrators and managers so no matter what your skill set is or where you would like your career to go, there are so many options that you are sure to find the one for you. Take a look at this handy blog for some tips on how to find carer work.


Flexible hours

Care can be needed at any time of the day so if you would rather work the night shift or have a preference for starting super early and being done by lunch, you may be able to find a placement that is just right for you.


You can get work locally

Most care jobs operate in a local area so travelling to and from your client or between clients shouldn’t be an issue. If you are a live-in carer, you should be able to find a client nearby so you can stay in the vicinity of your family, friends and hobbies, and this will also cut out most of your transport needs.


The chance to learn new skills

You may need to get yourself some qualifications to be a carer, if this is a new career for you but being a carer will teach you many skills, such as taking care of people, patience, planning, responsibility and time-management. Though if you have some of these skills beforehand, that would be desired and you would have the chance to use them.


Extra advantages to being a carer, depending on how you work

If you are a live-in carer, you can really get to know your client and will be able to bond with them further and provide a more complete and personal level of care.

If you work for an agency and you visit lots of different clients, you can get a broader sense and variety of people. The agency will be responsible for finding you work and they will sort your holiday, tax and pay so that will be a few things that you will not need to worry about. This also means that when you are taking time off, there will be someone else scheduled to help your client.

If you are working for yourself, you get more freedom in the clients that you take on and the hours that you work so you can make sure that it works well for you.


If you are looking to start a career as a carer, don’t forget to look into carers insurance to make sure that you and your staff are protected.

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