Carers Insurance FAQ

In the table below we have gathered the most commonly asked questions on our carers insurance. If your question is not contained in the table please call us on 01730 233 101 and we will be very happy to help.

Taking out a policy
Q. Do I need Carers insurance if I am self-employed? A. Carers or PA insurance is not mandatory, however you may wish to invest in insurance as you will be protected in the event of an error or omission at work. Having public liability insurance will give both you and your client’s peace of mind, knowing there is protection in place.
Q. I live abroad, but I’m going to be working in the UK as a live in Carer, can I get insurance? A. No you must be living in the UK in order to take out this insurance.
Q. I’m going to be Self Employed but be registered as a company, can I take out the insursance in the company's name? A. As this is a policy for an individual, we can only have the policy in your name, we’re not currently able to offer a policy in the name of a business/company.
Q. I want to take out Carers insurance but I’ve had a previous conviction, can I still have insurance? A. Please call us to discuss the specifics.
Q. The websites asks if I have qualifications/training. Do you need to see proof that I have trained? A. We don’t need to see proof of training/qualifications to set up the policy, however in the event of a claim our claims team may request this information.
Q. Do I need specific training or qualifications to take out the insurance? A. There aren’t any specific qualifications you need to take out the insurance, but in the event of a claim you must be able to demonstrate that you have either been trained or have qualifications for the particular care activities that you carry out.
Q. I’m just going to be caring after someone for a month, can I just take a short-term policy? A. We only offer the policy on an annual basis, unfortunately we don’t offer any short term insurance.
Q. I’m going to be employing a Carer, but they don’t have any insurance and I want to set up and pay for a policy for them, can I do this? A. You can, however the policy would be the Carers policy in their name, and we would need to speak to them to arrange the cover as there are 5 statements they need to confirm. If you want to pay for the policy then that is up to you, but it would be the Carers policy and all correspondence would be sent directly to them.
Activities covered
Q. What kind of activities does this policy cover me to do? A. The policy covers you for carrying out ‘Care Activities’ The policy defines care activities as:
  1. provision of medical care including preparation and administration of prescribed medicines
  2. carrying out domestic activities
  3. support provided by you to help the care recipient carry out their day to day activities.
Q. I’m a qualified hairdresser/physiotherapist/(other profession) and I cut hair/do physiotherapy (other profession) for the person I’m looking after, am I covered for this? A. The policy will only cover you for the care activities described in the policy. If, in addition to the care activities, you also carry out activities that would normally be done by a qualified professional and you want to be covered then you would need to take out the relevant specialist insurance.
Q. I’m going to be going sailing/kayaking/(other outdoor activity) with my client, am I covered if they injure themselves? A. Our policy does exclude ‘dangerous sports and past times’ and although sailing/kayaking etc may not be a dangerous sport, our underwriters have confirmed we would not be able to cover sailing/kayaking etc as they do not class it as a ‘day to day‘ activity.
Q. Does the policy cover me if I’m carrying out care activities in my own home? A. The policy doesn’t specify where the care activities are carried out, so we would look to cover you if you carry out care activities in your own home. However, if the person you are providing care for was to injure themselves whilst in your home as a result of a fault in your home (e.g. tripped on loose carpet and fell) this would not be covered.
Q. Am I covered if I damage someone’s property whilst cleaning etc? A. The policy will cover you for any accidental damage, so for example if you were hoovering and knocked over an expensive ornament and smashed it, we would look to cover the cost of replacing the ornament. However, the policy does not cover damage to any property ‘in your control’ so for example if the hoover itself was damaged whilst you were using it, then this would not be covered.
Q. Does this policy cover me if I’m driving the person I’m looking after in my car and they are injured in a car crash? A. No, the policy does not cover you if the person you are caring for is injured in a car that you are driving. You would need to contact your car insurance provider to make sure you have the correct insurance cover. If you were helping someone into the car and they slipped and fell then we would look to cover that type of situation, but you would not be covered for any injury caused whilst driving.
Q. Does this policy cover me to drive the car of the person I’m looking after? A. No, the policy does not provide you with cover for driving someone’s car. You need to contact your car insurance provider to check if you are covered for driving other people’s cars.
Q. I’m going to be looking after 5 different clients, will this policy cover me for looking after all of them? A. There isn’t anything in the policy that specifies the number of clients you are working for/looking after. So this policy will cover you for looking after multiple clients.
Q. Who will pay the defence costs if an alleged claim is made against me? A. We would look to cover this under the Public Liability cover and as such we would look to defend a claim under this and the costs would be met by the policy. Our Claims team would appoint or deal with any claim.
Q. I’m going to be temporarily looking after someone abroad, am I covered for this? A. The policy includes up to 90 days cover outside the UK, however the person you are caring for must be a UK resident. If the person you are caring for abroad does not normally reside in the UK then you would not be covered.
Personal Accident
Q. Does your policy cover me if I injure myself at work? A. Yes, our policy includes cover for personal accident up to £10,000. We have specifically listed the injuries covered in the policy and the amount payable for example; Broken hand, foot or ankle: £500.
Q. Will your policy cover loss of earnings if I am unable to work due to sickness, injury etc? Q. No, our policy does not cover for loss of earnings. If you suffer from one of the injuries listed in the policy whilst carrying out your care activities then we will look to pay out the monetary amount listed in the policy for that specific injury.